🌋 5 Years VH and a Survey 🌋

Is it really...? Indeed!

Is it really 5 years…? Indeed! Background image: Announcement for our new VH blog in February 2015. Logo pinched from… um… the Indeed Brewing Company)

We find that our blog has been alive, growing and changing for 5 years, which has surprised us, as we didn’t think it was that long. Many, many thanks to you, our readers, for your loyalty, your interest, support and comments.

VH was born in early 2015. Over these five years, we have carved out a comfortable place for ourselves with this blog. But there is a problem getting comfortable, especially in the online world. When you get too cozy, you aren’t changing quickly enough, eventually not meeting the needs of your readership.

This is where we need your help. In order to chart a possible new direction for VH we would like to find out what you think about this place with a survey. This is a vehicle to get to know your wishes and ideas, and, who knows, perhaps we win a few new contributors. Maintaining a technical blog with international readership and contributions takes an extraordinary amount of energy, which may not always be available from the two of us as the years continue.



Below you find our survey. We have also set it in the side bar, on the upper right of the page. It is hosted by Crowdsignal (a branch of Automattic, the company that also owns WordPress). To take part in the survey, just click on the link. Type your answers in the boxes and click “Finish Survey” at the bottom. The survey is anonymous and you don’t have to fill all of the boxes. Alternatively, you could post your responses in the comments section, or e-mail us directly.

(Link opens new tab at the crowdsignal.com website)


  1. What do you like or not like about VH?
  2. What topics do you like the best?
  3. What topics do you like the least?
  4. What are we missing?
  5. What new directions should we be traveling?
  6. Would you like to contribute or be associated with this blog in some way?
  7. Any other comments or suggestions?

Our E-mail:


Perhaps our call for new contributors and/or colleagues may need some clarification:

Of course we would dearly welcome guest authors, occasional or regular contributors. We know, though, that on first sight, writing posts might not be everybody’s thing. For those who would like to try their hand with contributing a post, we would help with whatever is needed. Best of all, there is no pressure, no deadlines for contributors.

For those interested in doing other things than writing posts: there’s a lot more that can be done on the blog. As an example, Granyia is no longer maintaining her list of new eruptions (the ++V-Ticker++) – although it was a much-visited feature. Perhaps there is somebody out there who wants to revive and maintain it? New suggestions from the survey might involve additional features, or you have an idea what else could be done or shown on the blog. This is where you could come in as one of the admin team – turn your explosive volcanic ideas into something the other volcano lovers will enjoy! Another way of participating could be writing about your visit to the one or other volcano, sending photos and/or travel reports. What else? You tell us! We are really looking forward to new great ideas coming in!


SOME STATISTICS of “Volcano Hotspot”

You have been doing fantastic over the last five years – thank you again! Here are some stats that are provided in our admin pages:


As of today

  • 211,231 Unique Visitors have enjoyed
  • 395,165 Page Views. The month with the most views was
  • 12,000 in November 2019. We’ve posted
  • 197 posts – or almost half a Million words – during the 5 years. With
  • 21,504 Views since publishing, INTRUSIONS (2) is our most viewed post.
  • 1,197 volcano lovers follow us on Twitter.

We have had visitors from all countries except three in central Africa, Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan. Our most viewers came from the U.S.A., followed by the U.K. and Australia.


Thank you all for your time and interest. We will do our best to keep VH going and – with your kind support – make it as informative and exciting as possible. In this spirit: keep curious – because

Cheers – 🌋 Granyia and agimarc 🗻