65 comments on “15 February 2015 – A new blog goes public!

  1. Hi all, from another out of VC (and before that from Eruptions). No particular feelings about the name, I’m not too excited by either, but since I can’t think of anything better…. Just hope that logging in doesn’t get to be the PITA that it became on both of these blogs.

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  2. I’m getting a bit annoyed with Bardabunga to be honest. We have all been patiently watching and waiting for near enough 6 months now and it great to start with, long fissure spitting fiery stuff all over, but now it’s just a glowing pool of hot muck. I really think the damn thing owes it to us all to have a bit of an explosion at least before it’s all over, say a 40km high eruption cloud just so all of us in europe get to collect a bit of ash as a souvenir.

    I know some of you may be worried about the Icelanders, but they are generally a health lot and will probably be fine, they get a ton of omega 3 in their diets and everything.

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  3. I am so glad the decision was made to open a new blog. I voted for hotspot but now I am thinking 24/7 would be cool as well. Thrilled to be here. I think that we have left Several of the currently erupting volcanoes behind and this would be a good way to start going around the world a little more.
    Are there more earthquake web sites around?


  4. I’ve been toying with writing a bit about some plate tectonics. Probably not about earthquakes, but you never know.


    • Go for it Matt.
      The blog is getting along nicely me thinks. I am happy we are back in the volcano business!


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