65 comments on “15 February 2015 – A new blog goes public!

  1. Thank you all for this grand effort. (Nice to see many of the regulars back.) Wish you all success with it and will certainly dip in when I have the time!


  2. Congratulations on the new blog! I hope to be a bit more regular here., too things in my life have changed some…


  3. My deep thanks. I have enjoyed the first articles and hope to use some of the information in my presentations to my grand-daughter’s science class. Perhaps I can contribute a piece some day myself.


    • That would be very welcome. Contact email will be added shortly. When the vote on the name is done and we finally have a name 😉


  4. Hi

    Hotspot vs 360

    Hotspot is a ‘destination’ and as such is too like ‘cafe’ and is a little old fashioned for my liking.

    360 is modern, pertinent and very aptly represents what we are all about in our coverage! Amongst English speakers … native or not … it is recognised in the context of what e are all about!

    Just my thoughts!



  5. Found my way here after a post von Spica at VC.
    A pity that it was necesary to start a new blog….
    Will try to pop in every now and then, but time is rather short at the moment.


  6. Hi,

    Good luck with the new site! I always saw the Dragons as the true driving force behind VC so it’s a pity I’ll have to add another blog to the mix. However, I think I understand the reasons for the decision and know how exciting this must be for you all, a new adventue and kingdom for the Dragons to reign!! Thank you for all your hard work at the VC these past few years, Hope to drop in now and then and say hi 🙂 good luck!


  7. Hi

    A first try with a video

    this is the update from Bardarbunga caldera earthquake activity since January 14th.

    Activity is going down, much less quakes and with a lesser magnitude.

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  8. May I suggest a “cancel comment” box? I sometimes accidentally touch the comment box or reply box while scrolling through the comments when using my tablet. I then have to refresh the page to get out of it. Anyone else have “happy fingers”? 😨


  9. Picked this up from the IMO Bardarbunga update page

    “”Gaia bleeding

    From the field 12 Feb 2015; view from the rim of the southern crater into the lava lake of Baugur. In the foreground, 400m away from the rim, is the southern magma vent. Beyond that there is the northern magma vent, boiling. The lava lake in the foreground is not only glowing; the blackish cover next to the rim indicates some cold crust on its surface, whereas the orange colour reveals liquid magma. Photo: Ármann Höskuldsson. See more photos in a field report from the Institute of Earth Sciences (pdf 2.5 Mb in Icelandic).””

    Click to access feltvinna-JHI_2015feb_11-12.pdf

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    • If so, we’ll see very soon from one of the orbiters. Volcanism on Mars must be massive to occur. Buoyancy drives volcanism, and with lower gravity, buoyancy is a weaker driving force. Thus, LOTS of magma and gas is needed to make it happen. Even basaltic eruptions on Mars are Plinian and ashy, though, as gases nucleate and expand more easily due to lower pressure.


  10. Finally a new place to breath volcanoes!
    Thank you girls and guys. Will do my best to contribute!
    After a long and cold European winter, I am back to the suffocating heat in the middle of Rio’s Carnival.
    A warm wave to everyone – miss you guys!!!!!!


  11. A shy question: is this the definitive layout for the blog? The reason I ask is that this dark background is very tyring for my eyes. Or maybe the lack of contrast? Setting the letters bigger doesn’t help…
    (Sorry, just here and already complaining *blush*)


    • Great to see this new blog and lots of old familiar names I’d been missing! I’m looking forward to seeing how the blog grows and develops.

      Small point (sorry): I’d like to second Lavendelnorthlight’s comment: I find it very hard to read white text on a black background as well. Is there any chance this could be changed to something easier on the eye (like black text on a pale background?) Sorry to complain too, but I really want to keep up with this blog and I find it near-illegible!

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