36 comments on “Piton de la Fournaise – review of the Eruption in Réunion

  1. Are we going to see an eruption at Villarrica (Chile) soon?

    From the Volcanic Activity Report February 16 (February 01 to 16) – Google translation –
    During this period a significant increase in volcanic activity was recorded, represented by a gradual change in the energy levels of seismicity and surface activities observed, such as incandescence and explosions at crater level.
    For the period 4,561 earthquakes were recorded of which 4,560 were classified long-period (LP) primarily related to fluid dynamics within the volcanic edifice, The majority of registered earthquakes are shallow and are related to explosions at the crater. The increased occurrence of explosions happened today February 16, where we could establish a register of up to five explosions per minute on average. Volcanic tremor signal (TR), also associated with the fluid dynamics inside the volcano, was recorded continuously throughout the period.
    Webcams showed significant activity at the crater surface level with increased fumarolic activity, which has reached a maximum height of 500 m on February 14. From February 6th we began to observe permanent nocturnal glow, weak to moderate explosions and ash emissions. February 16 the occurrence of explosions projection incandescent ballistic material exceeded the crater rim and went on the south up to approx 1 km down the flank.
    During a flyby made​today at the crater of Villarrica it was found that the lava lake continues to rise to the surface. Based on the above background the alert level remains YELLOW.

    Webcams: http://www.sernageomin.cl/villarrica.php
    Report: http://www.sernageomin.cl/reportesVolcanes/20150216091934214RAV_Araucania_2015_Febrero_vol_2.pdf
    Web page: http://www.sernageomin.cl/volcan.php?iId=22


    • Thanks Granya for info and nice link. yes, the eruption seems to ha started, or do you think rhis is just an appertizer?


      • Yes, an appetizer! 😀 Villarrica is covered in ice and snow, so lots of water must be running into the always open crater (lava lake) and into cracks, as temperatures are rising. I believe these are phreatic detonations triggered from the outside. Incandescent material will come directly from the lava pond, and may just be rolling down the flanks for 1km. IMHO.


      • Hmm, Correction: Appetizer yes, but by delving deeper into the social networks I read that there has been light Strombolian activity indeed on 6/7 February. The activity has decreased but Villarrica is still restless, so it’s not over yet.


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