21 comments on “Villarrica – Weak Explosions, Ash and Night Glow – February 2015 + UPDATES

  1. I’ve been to Pucon in 1999. I remember being very close to the volcano and feeling tremors during night (we slept on the floor after attending the World Scout Jamboree).
    We talked about being too close to the volcano. So – is Pucon too close? Is the town endangered?


    • It depends… Pucon is 17 km from the crater of V., and several rivers go down that direction. IF the Volcano is NOT erupting, and IF it is not raining for days on end, Pucon is safe. Otherwise, PFs and lahars certainly are a real danger for the town – there is a reason for “Pucon Ignimbrites”! 🙂 If I were there on a holiday I would make sure to be able to listen to the local media, if conditions get bad, evacuations would be called.

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    • Wow, that must have been a tough exercise! Can it be done in one day? But then, the bonus of looking into that abyss is worthy a couple of days climbing!


      • In those days I worked in Latin America tourguiding, I had stayed several months at high altitude in Bolivia, it was a piece of cake for me then, VillaRica was much lower. I remembered saying to others it was the easiest volcano I ever climbed, but did not realize it was because of my acclimatisation to high altitude (other climbers had a different opinion than I had). But even then, it was not a difficult one. You could do it in one day from Pucon.

        At the crater you were only allowed a few minutes due to gas. A guide was obligatory.


    • Thank you Mike, that’s very good! I’ll add the link to the further reading in the post.


    • Does that mean I can’t ask you all to support my exploratory quest to find the legendary Wakulla volcano in Florida? Just a small donation of 1 MILLION DOLLARS each and I will at least video a gator for you.


      • You can bet that this was a cave, belching condensation from warm, moist air flowing out of it on cold days. The earthquake ending it makes sense, too, because it may have collapsed the cave opening.


    • Magma Pr0n? I kind of like the name, although it might direct a lot of people here who can’t spell manga.


  2. Been relatively quiet at now, but there seems to have been a slight increase in activity south towards Katla / Tofajokull.

    It’ll be interesting to see how Iceland progresses in the next 4-5 years.

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  3. John Seach @johnseach
    #Ambrym #volcano, #Vanuatu. Satellite images indicate new eruption site on SE fracture zone inside the caldera.


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