40 comments on “Activity increases at Semisopochnoi

  1. Just want to let webcam watching people know that I have finished and uploaded an Alaska page to my webcam collection. This should be almost the completion of it, I don’t want to let it get much bigger in regard of pages. It will now only be add and/or remove, so it doesn’t take all day to go through them.


    (If your browser doesn’t show the new page, press Ctrl+F5 to refresh avoiding loading of the cached “overdue.html”)


  2. We should keep an eye on Guagua Pichincha, Ecuador. Half of Quito living at its flanks and the other half meandering onto its two peaks at the weekends would make for a fine spectacle if G.P. decided to throw a few cartloads of ash on them. Hopefully not the way it happened with Ontakesan!
    The latest IGEPN report (02 Apr 2015) has it that,
    “The guardian of Refuge of Guagua Pichincha, Rodrigo Viracucha, reported that due to bad weather in the volcano area, he has failed to make observations. But on Tuesday, he observed that the vents were slightly active, and these days the smell of sulfur was higher than normal, being perceptible from the refuge.” and that “On 31/03/2015, 58 events between VT and LP were recorded, most of these events are long period events. The total of localized events from 01/01/2015 to 01/31/2015, is 106 events. Some of these events were located inside the crater, the other near the crater at depths between 4 and 9 km”. So… watch out!

    Photo: IGEPN


  3. Tungurahua, Ecuador, last webcam image for today before switch off…. abt. two hours ago


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