108 comments on “Calbuco, Chile – Twin Eruptions on 22/23 April 2015

  1. New eruption for Calbuco today. You can see it on the webcam links given at the end of the article.


  2. I haven’t seen Redoubt steaming like that since I have an eye on it. Is this its normal behaviour?


    • The quake has been reported on Sky News :

      ..A 6.7-magnitude earthquake has hit Papua New Guinea, followed by an even more intense aftershock measuring 7.1..

      The US Geological Survey recorded the quakes a day after a 6.9 tremor shook the nation.

      After the latest scare, people were warned of the possibility of a “hazardous tsunami”, but that alert has now been lifted.

      Dr Roger Musson, of the British Geological Survey, told Sky News: “This is another thrust earthquake, which is the same sort of fault movement as occurred in the earthquake in Nepal.

      Full report can be read on http://news.sky.com/


      • Yes, P..N.G gets quite frequently those larger Magnitudes. Yet there is hardly anything in the news about them. I sometimes wonder if there are fatalities as well or if their buildings are better prepared to withstand the shaking. Mostly those quakes are deeper though, that makes them less dangerous.


      • That is most certainly a quake swarm! There also appears to be a young seamount there. The Azores line up with a spreading center that is at an angle to the mid-Atlantic ridge, so in a way, they are similar to Iceland. Many of Iceland’s volcanoes have quake swarms without erupting, but a quake swarm can signal an eruption, too. Judging by the size of these quakes, it’s probably just a magma intrusion, but you never know.


      • I should also note this: Lots of earthquakes happen around the world every day. As a general rule, most quakes under magnitude 6 are totally inconsequential. In fact, the same applies for most under 7. The only place where weaker quakes actually mean anything (Other than that the Earth’s crust continues to move) is when you get a swarm directly under a volcano.


    • Hm… so many, and all at a depth of 1 to 7 km (listed are only the ones > M2)… that looks suspicious to me. The Azores are sitting almost on the mid-Atlantic ridge, so seismic activity is normal there. But these are all concentrated in one location. I wouldn’t be surprized if an undersea eruption is in the making.
      BUT: A report on this from today states that this is part of a swarm ongoing since April 19, with 250 quakes so far. They say, it is part of a larger seismic activity stretch located between 15 and 50 km west of the island of Faial which has had significant seismic activity in the past.


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