122 comments on “Barren Island Volcano – (India) – is presently erupting!

    • 37 trillion gallons of rain so far this month. The Weather Channel says that is enough to cover the whole state of Texas in 8 inches of water. And Texas is a BIG state! 17 dead and 9 still missing in Texas. 6 dead in Oklahoma and 14 dead from a tornado in northern Mexico. Yes, it is very bad and not over yet.


  1. Hi

    Some video of Kuchinoerabu (picked on the very good site (in french) – La culture Volcan (it’s on the links on the side)

    There are 2 views from two sides of the volcano. On the first one the pyroclastic flow is quite impressive


      • Could someone please explain why there has been no aftershocks from the Japan earthquake.

        I can only think it must be something to do with the depth of this quake.

        Many thanks.


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