122 comments on “Barren Island Volcano – (India) – is presently erupting!

  1. Seeing that the last post was on Sakurajima I take this as an opportunity to ask some recommendations on volcanic related spots to visit in Japan (I will be going there in 2 weeks and will be in Japan for about 8 weeks).

    Of course you have the usual suspects (Aso, Sakurajima, Fuji, probably Unzen), but maybe you know some less well known volcanoes that are worth a visit?

    (I have Mount Meakan in Hokkaido also on my list, seems to be a very beuatiful hike) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mount_Meakan


    • Hi Janet,
      just quickly to say (unless I’ve got my scales mixed up) that a 5.4 is interesting if you live nearby, or of increasing interest if you get several in rapid succession in nearly the same spot (that might be something volcanic, or otherwise worth shouting about) but one quake that size even in downtown manhatten is still not going to cause a big kerfuffle in real terms. – The scale below says 5.4 is somewhere between ‘some small objects fall over’ and ‘objects fall of shelves’ and that’s right at the epicentre – with the intensity decaying as you get further from the centre.

      I’m not saying that posting the quake itself is bad – it’s just far more interesting if there is some context – we can all go check out a list of the latest quakes >4.5 here http://earthquake-report.com/2015/05/23/earthquakes-in-the-world-on-may-23-2015-m4-5-or-more-2/
      I see 3 at 5,4 and a 6.8 so far today – so what I want to ask is why this particular quake is of interest to you – what’s special about it – do you live near there (in which case my apologies – it would obviously be something a little exciting to live through) – or is there something interesting happening there – domino topple championship ?

      once you get into 7 and 8 it obviously starts getting more interesting just on the sheer power – but even then I’d only post about it personally if it was at shallow depth in populated parts of the planet.

      European Macroseismic Intensity Scale
      1: Not felt – detected by seismic instruments only
      2: Very weak – felt by very few people
      3: Weak – felt by a few people indoors
      4: Noticed by many people, windows and doors rattle
      5: Strong – some small objects fall over
      6: Slightly damaging – objects fall off shelves
      7: Damaging – parts of chimneys fall
      8: Very damaging – large cracks in walls
      9: Destructive – some houses collapse
      10: Very destructive – many houses collapse
      11: Devastating – most ordinary buildings collapse
      12: Completely devastating – practically all structures above and below ground are heavily damaged or destroyed


  2. Hi Edward

    I am just learning and have an interest in earthquakes and volcanic activity .

    California to me seems to be more active lately and the 5.4 is the biggest quake in this area at only 3 km depth for a long time.


        • Hi Janet, I don’t know much about CA, and earthquakes are so very common there that I mostly don’t care. But if you want to know if something is unusual, just use the sites you are linking to in your comments. Mostly they have good educational pages where you can learn much more than from our, let’s say rather indifferent replies here. On the site you just linked to, click on “all earthquakes”. You’ll get a list of that area for the last five or six days. There are hundreds! Over M 3 are in red, click on them and it will tell you “There has been a minor earthquake… etc.” So, please, could you do us the favor to not post lots of minor or even medium EQs, they are just not worth it. Thank you! : ) Of course you are still welcome to ask questions or post really unusual events, but keep in mind that the question if the earthquakes in A have something to do with the quakes in Z will proably not elicit any more replies.

          Btw., what is the swarm in the Azores doing, has it ceased? See, I find this interesting, as the Azores are situated at the Atlantic mid-ocean spreading ridge, where magma is welling up all the time, creating new ocean floor. The possibility of an eruption is not too far fetched, so, such a swarm of small quakes could be a sign of volcanic activity. *Could!* 🙂


  3. According to VolcanoDiscovery, Wolf volcano in the galapagos islands may have just had a very large eruption. Starting this morning at 08:04 UTC, Washington Volcanic Ash Advisory Center (VAAC) has issued several alerts of ash plumes reaching up to 35-50,000 ft from the volcano, based on GOES-EAST satellite imagery.

    Thought id mention it here too. :3


  4. WOW, thanks for the heads up! Why do volcanoes always choose the most inconvenient times to erupt, at least for me, being away on a holiday just now.


  5. I love nature. I love volcanoes. But….
    Did we see the extinction of Chelonoidis nigra becki today? This species of giant tortoise lived around volcan wolf.


  6. Are there any webcams showing the eruption of volcan wolf?
    Is Barren island still erupting?


    • So far, there had not been an official volcano webcam on the Galapagos, nor have I found any other. Maybe one will be installed now.

      MODIS hotspots for Wolf

      The last hot spot for Barren Island was recorded by MODIS on 15 May. That does not necessarily mean it’s not erupting, but there could be cloud cover or ash preventing sat images.



  7. Hi

    A very interesting web doc about the phreatic eruption of Ontake in Japan. Some pictures…


    • 37 trillion gallons of rain so far this month. The Weather Channel says that is enough to cover the whole state of Texas in 8 inches of water. And Texas is a BIG state! 17 dead and 9 still missing in Texas. 6 dead in Oklahoma and 14 dead from a tornado in northern Mexico. Yes, it is very bad and not over yet.


  8. Hi

    Some video of Kuchinoerabu (picked on the very good site (in french) – La culture Volcan (it’s on the links on the side)

    There are 2 views from two sides of the volcano. On the first one the pyroclastic flow is quite impressive


      • Could someone please explain why there has been no aftershocks from the Japan earthquake.

        I can only think it must be something to do with the depth of this quake.

        Many thanks.


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