32 comments on “Lōʻihi Seamount – Part 1: Hānau Ka Moku – The Birth of an Island

  1. Very nice article Granyia. I’m curious of the second article as I am interested in minerals….thanks


  2. I think, Volcan Wolf is filling its crater with lava again, as it did in its last eruption 1982:

    MODVOLC image from today.

    Image before this eruption:

    Image: IGEPN


  3. A few days ago, the alert level for Asama in Japan has been raised to 2, which doesn’t mean much so far. I have Asama on my webcam collection and have glanced over it routinely every day. Today is a big difference visible in the plume, it is much bigger and somewhat darker now. If you want to have a look yourself, here are about 10 Asama cams to choose from: http://bousai.maechan.net/volcano/asama/camera_map/


  4. How Granyia – I think the Hawaiian Islands are fascinating, mostly based o guessing where the next flank collapse will be. There have been several on the western and northern parts of the island. A large chunk on the east is getting ready to move, though Loihi is building an edifice that may keep whatever breaks loose from sliding all the way to the bottom of the Pacific. Way, way cool. Many thanks. Cheers –

    PS: with tongue firmly in cheek, I am wondering if it is time to dust off a pair of silly old surfing terms to describe this: gnarly or tubular. Whadda think?

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  5. Since yesterday there appears a lot of “popcorn” on the White Island drum. I know from other volcanoes that it could mean, magma on the move, crackling it’s way upwards through the rock. On White Island drums I’ve never noticet that, though. Higher activity always showed by larger magnitudes of tremor. Anyone?



  6. A bit off topic, a few weeks ago I asked about any not so well known volcanoes to visit in Japan.
    Though this one I had found myself, you might like it ( I am in Japan right now)

    It’s a view at Meakan-dake, the volcano produces a lot of gas, but according to the authorities it was safe to hike.

    Though the volcano was pretty loud, the noise you hear is mostly wind blowing into the microphone unfortunately, in reality one of the fumaroles sounded like a jet engine.

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    • Wow Virtual! What a great video and what an experience for you, thank you for taking the time and posting it here!! I watched it in full screen on a 27″ monitor – I think some of the steam came out of it and an undeniable smell of sulfur is lingering in my living room! 😀 Take care of yourself, and hopefully we can get some more of this!


  7. I have added new clues to some of the NtV riddles, and changed the scoring system. From now on there will always be clues provided for 5 of the riddles, as they are often difficult. Good luck!


  8. Sinabung is getting really really nasty, with the dome apparently still up there and growing. I am getting very uneasy, I have a feeling there are still a lot of people still dangerously near the volcano, inspite of the evacuations.
    Night pics from June 17:

    The situation in the shelter Mardingding, the citizens of Mbelang village – this is such a depressing view, the poor people jammed in there, just with some rags on the floor and wooden benches… Photo by Hasan Tj Tarin:

    Today, June 19, 11:42 am Pyroclastic flow glided 3.0km ESE, ash column 2.0 km

    All photos taken from Leopold K. Adams Twitter page https://twitter.com/LeopoldAdam
    A big Thank You to Leopold Adam and all the other active contributors, for your untiring efforts keeping everyone informed!


  9. A really sad image has been posted on Twitter… Sinabung again:

    Photo: Sutanta Aditya/AFP


    • Pictures like this make me think that people might be too near the volcano and in danger. Even with a tele lens, in a mountainous landscape the photographer is never kilometers away from his object. And miles away from Sinabung they should be!


    • Hi Granyia

      The picture is awsome but I fear for the people over there as it seemed some did not want to leave their houses


  10. From the MVO Weekly Report for the Period 12 to 19 June 2015
    “Activity at the Soufrière Hills Volcano remains low, although there has been a notable increase in the sulphur-dioxide flux. All access to Zone V has been suspended for at least two weeks….”


    • Thanks Janet! Amazing that there are still that many quakes below Barda and in the dike! Everything else seems to be in the normal range if I understand correctly.


  11. Beidar Sinabung have posted a new image of the lava dome on Twitter. Here a comparison between June 3rd and 21st – it seems a big chunk on the right of the “dragon” has broken off; a remainder still standing up precariously, ready to come down with the next push from within. In general the dome has become broader (mainly on the left) but not higher.

    photo: Beidar Sinabung


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