11 comments on “El Reventador – The Ripper

  1. Thank you, agimarc! Watching El Reventador’s lava flows daily, they have become such a common item to me that I didn’t think of checking up on the background of the volcano. I was convinced that R. is quite a good natured volcano, so, nothing to worry about. Thank you for setting me straight!


    • Another translation of its name I’ve seen quoted is ‘The Troublemaker’. Entirely appropriate, as the citizens of Quito would agree. The 2002 eruption came close to causing a substantial environmental disaster; during the previous repose period a major oil pipeline had been built, passing directly in front of the breached caldera. Come the PDCs, they sweep the pipeline off its supports, carrying it 20m downslope. But, amazingly (Boy those engineers did a good job) the pipeline didn’t fracture


      • Thanks, Michael. Saw the pipeline story while writing this. Should have looked into it closer. What a great place to build a pipeline (/sarc). Cheers –


  2. Nice article!!!!
    There Is so much goingvon out there!
    Please, do you know a webcam showing colima?


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