39 comments on “Cotopaxi – or How to Paint the Danger (+ Updates)

  1. Not sure what is happening in Etna, she’s steaming like hell. Looks like Cotopaxi in white! There are no obvious changes in the tremor charts, and in the seismograms I see nothing that wasn’t there yesterday. But I have to admit that I am not very good at reading Etna’s Seismograms. Anyone else? It seems the steam is coming from two places in the N or NE…

    Seismograms: http://www.ct.ingv.it/en/real-time-seismic-signal.html
    Webcams: http://volcams.malinpebbles.com/pubweb/Etna.htm


  2. Thank you, and wow, what a sight!


    This hotspot is a busybody, the fourth time this year! From the reports: The precursors were the same as last time, sharp increase of volcanic earthquakes and strong inflation, indicating the inflow of magma a few hours prior to the eruption.
    Following recognition of OVPF staff around the edge of the caldera in the evening:
    A long crack was put in place since then Rivals Crater has grown up towards the summit
    6:59 p.m.: second phase of opening further upstream
    8:09 p.m.: third phase of opening further upstream
    Around 9:15 p.m. / 9:30 p.m. opening a crack in the northwest. Under the Bory.
    The fountains are usually high enough, the flow is strong.

    Photograph obtained by superimposing a day image on an image taken a little later than 21:00 (local time):

    OVPF website: http://www.ipgp.fr/fr/ovpf/actualites-ovpf


    • thanks Granyia. They just got brushed by tropical storm Dany, but apparently there was not too much damage.
      The situation with the Grande Soufriere is stable but some signs show there is still activity. There are regular quakes in the volcanic structure and the temperature of many hot springs is going up, but the evolution is going very slowly.


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