6 comments on “Mount Churchill and the White River Ash

  1. Very nice one again Agimarc. I begin to feel like I’m knowing Alaska like the back of my hand -;)


    • True, dfm, same here, not a bad place to know more about, though! 🙂 As Alaska has such a complex and interesting tectonic setting I find it good that the posts about it do not come over too long intervals. I am getting at least a basic understanding of what is going on there without forgetting most of it between one and the next post. – Likewise, I would love to see a series like this about the region Sumba-Timor (Indonesia), an area which places even scientists in a dilemma explaining the tectonics.

      Thank you agimarc! I wouldn’t mind if you go down the Aleutian Islands chain next, there are enough volcanoes to write about for a year or so… 😉 (just joking, but some of them really are worthy of an article, as your earlier posts in VC show).


      • Howdy Granyia –

        Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll look into it. Between the 3-4 of us, most of the problematic volcanoes in the Aleutians have been covered. Will take a look and see what has been covered. I have a list of calderas down the Aleutians and have done a few of them. Think that is a good place to start. Cheers –


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