8 comments on “Increasing seismicity at Mount Veniaminof, Alaska

  1. HI Agimarc

    Thanks to your remarkable series on Alaskan volcanoes, I see where we stand.
    any link to an earthquake catalog by any chance ?


  2. Howdy DFM. Thanks for your kind words. If I am interpreting what you are looking for correctly, the best places to find records of earthquakes up here the AVO & UAF Seismology Lab. I haven’t poked around for database of all earthquakes yet. Links follow.



    A third location would the National Tsunami Warning Office in Palmer, AK. It has some data, but its focus is different from the earlier links. Cheers –



    • The other thing that works is both AVO & UAF are pretty responsive to e-mail requests for additional information. If you can’t find something, ask and they will do a good job of pointing you in the right direction. Cheers –


  3. Howdy all – Location of seismometers is always a tricky choice. For those of you that always wondered what the tremor of a grizzly gnawing on one, we have your answer at the link below. This is what it looks like when a grizz takes out a seismic station. Kluteith River Mountain SE AK. Oct. 2015. Cheers –




    • Eight minutes… wonder how long he still worked after transmission stopped! Well, even to me this yellow box would seem to be one for cakes or tarts, no wonder that the bear tried to open it. And when he couldn’t, he wanted to dig it out, and take the whole thing home to try later again! 😀

      Thank you for the Veniaminof heads up, any changes yet? Keep us up to date, please.


      • Bears will eat anything and everything, though they do get selective when there is an abundance. I am reminded of the scene from Jaws that cut open a shark looking for evidence it had eaten someone and out pops a beat up Louisiana vehicle license plate. Cheers –


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