6 comments on “A survey of Alaskan calderas and large eruptions

    • Howdy Michael – great paper. Many thanks for the link. One of the fun things on this post was finding photos of a bunch of little known volcanoes up here. Cheers –


      • Always been fascinated by Alaskan volcanoes, ever since as a lad reading that National Geographic memoir on the Valley of 10,000 Smokes. More recently found an excellent info-source, Wood & Kienle’s ‘Volcanoes of North America’. Plenty on Alaska there, Jurgen Kienle being one of the AVO crew


  1. Really off the topic. Curious fact dept: there are TWO Mt Edgecumbe volcanoes, both historically inactive but still considered possibly live. The other one is in New Zealand, part of the Okataina caldera complex. It’s possible (haven’t checked completely) that the NZ one was named for the British aristocrat, ‘The Earl Of Mount Edgcombe’ -several spellings are used interchangeably- who has also given his name to a town in South Africa and to at least two steam locomotives on UK railways


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