17 comments on “Proud Volcano Momotombo

  1. This evening, Popocatepetl had some surprises in store for the artistically inclined:
    First, El Popo against the sun…

    …and then the most beautiful volcanic ash sunset colours I have seen for a while:


  2. Howdy from ANC – looks like the Lower 48 are all calling the Sunday morning quake as a 7.1. Locals are still referring to it as a 6.8. Have seen some suggestions it will be upgraded to a 7.2. It occurred near the location of the June 2015 6.46. Something interesting going on down there. Looks like over 60 aftershocks so far. Cheers –




  3. Speaking of ‘artistic inclinations’, I remember reading on a philatelic site an addendum to the Momotombo volcano postage stamp story. According to the site (and don’t ask me to find it again!) the artwork submitted to De La Rue showed a quiescent Momotombo. The ‘smoke’ plume was added on his own initiative by a De La Rue engraver because he thought it would be more aesthetically satisfying. If true this would be a good illustration of the ‘butterfly wings’ idea from chaos theory – that the idle whim of an anonymous working stiff should have a vast engineering and political fallout for the entire region


  4. This photo by Tapiro Fotógrafo of Colima on 13 Dec 2015 went viral on the social media with tens of thousands of likes and comments – and has deserved it I think!


  5. Today in the year 1700: A massive earthquake, likely around M 9, occurred in the Cascadia Subduction Zone. This Zone is still active and will generate more major earthquakes in the future, but people are neither aware nor prepared. Many buildings in cities on and near the coast, such as Portland, have not been retrofitted to survive a major jolt… article: http://www.wired.com/2010/01/0126northwest-quake-japan-tsunami/


  6. Harmonic tremor in Popocatepetl started again… with larger amplitude this time, it seems… or maybe not. Anyway, it’s due to lava dome building they say.


    • Thank you (all credits to the photographers!) and welcome to VolcanoHotspot! I liked your post on Semeru! 🙂


  7. On January 27 CENAPRED, with the support of the Federal Police, have done an overflight of Popocatepetl, which verified the presence of a lava dome about 300 m in diameter that has filled the inner crater to near ground level of the main crater of the volcano. There is a possibility that in the coming days small to medium explosions may occur if/when the dome gets destroyed. Throughout the night light glow on the crater was observed. CENAPRED urged not to approach the volcano crater and be especially vigilant to the danger of ballistic fragments. The Volcanic Alert remains at Amarillo (yellow) Phase 2.


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