11 comments on “Volcanoes of Peru 4: TICSANI OF THE THREE DOMES

  1. Howdy all – Ran across this several months ago. Don’t think it was posted. It is a computer animation of the destruction of Pompeii. Pretty well done. Cheers –


  2. Looks like Katla is waking up in Iceland, she has had 2x 4.5 mag earthquakes in last 48 hours and several over 3 mag. They are saying that these are the most powerful earthquakes out of Katla since at least 1977 some are saying since 1955.

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  3. This is a great new animation by USGS’ Volcano Disaster Assistance Program and IRIS
    “Volcano seismicity – Generalized model of unrest prior to eruption at long-dormant stratovolcanoes”


  4. Enjoyed the animation, very informative and educational. I’m mostly lurker, I’m fascinated about volcanoes and earthquakes, ok love learning, I’m like a little sponge lol.


  5. Found this on Twitter too: If you ever had any trouble remembering which layer inside Earth came first or next, or if you want to learn them from scratch – here comes help! Chris Rowan (blog: Highly Allochthonous) has made a schematic for his students which sums it all up nicely:



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