15 comments on “Our DAILY DOSE of DUST – VOLCÁN COPAHUE

  1. Cracks had started already in 2014 on Mount Irazu (CR) but have worsened now to a state that makes the moving of all the remaing more than 70 telecommunication towers for television, radio and private communication imminent. The cracks that continued to appear in 2015 were of ~1.5 m (5 ft.) and 90 cm (35 in.) deep. Now, new cracks have appeared atop of the volcano, and others have widened to more than 2 m (6.5 ft.) and deepened to over 3 m (10 ft.).

    Image from 2015 showing the location of the cracks, above an earlier landslide scar, at that time, i.e. the yellow lines would probably be more and longer by now:


  2. The alert level of Ebino/Iozan (Kirishima) has been raised yesterday again to “2” (around the crater) after an increase in seismicity, incl. 2 min. volcanic tremor.


    • True,… this MODVOLC reading is at least 20 hrs old. And I am convinced now that webcams have a keen aversion against erupting volcanoes. While all other Kamchatkan cameras show images of 14 Dec. morning, the one for Bezymianny is stuck at 11th evening… Well, there is a second one, and that shows 100% cloud cover, so probably we haven’t missed much. 🙂



      • I think you’re right, just look at those beautiful clear images of the dormant ones! But yeah, probably wouldn’t look like anything had even happened. To me it looks like it’s been running out of gas quickly in the last few years, last significant explosion was 4 years ago, and the 2014 dome-building period was puny. Sort of like how St. Helens got rather quiet in the last couple of years of the 1980’s eruption. Speaking of which, another refilling episode has happened at MSH.


          • Nothing significant. Only very small shallow quakes, 120 in the last week. No inflation or increased gas emission. Interpreted as a small intrusion into shallow magma chamber. Same thing happened in summer of 2014 and March to May this year. Much larger refilling episodes happened in the 90’s. There has only be miniscule inflation since the end of the last eruption in 2008. Certainly no signs of the system being ready to erupt any time soon. Erik Klemetti and Cascades Volcano Observatory have posted about it.


    • … and Bez getting better (left)! Also Langila (PNG, New Britain) seems to be busy, image via WorldView, Suomi NPP/VIRS (right).


  3. Also in eastern Russia’s news are (repeatedly since November) reports about Ebeko volcano on the Kuril island of Paramushir, just a few km from the main town Severo-Kurilsk. A rise in activity was first reported by the nearby geothermal plant, when temperatures and volume of the steam output increased considerably. Ebeko is not expected to emit lava, but the ash could become dangerous to the residents.


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