19 comments on “Ongoing eruptions at Bogoslof Volcano Eruption of December 2016 – January 2017

  1. It will be great to see what the islands look like at the end of the eruption, I’m sure AVO are eager to get out there in the summer. I wonder whether that completely new island will survive and if the 1992 dome will be further eroded now that it has been separated into its own island.


    • Apparently a big boom was heard in Colima city (not sure if from this explosion) which it seems doesn’t happen too often. Must have been quiet a scare! Also, the other day there were a few fairly strong tremors near Cerro Prieto volcano, the one that’s right by the US-Mexico border.


    • Wow, thank you – explosion has ripped right through it! “C” has lost much of its bulk too, I always thought it looked nice, like a castle, but now it’s going. Now I’m waiting for a new dome poking out of the middle of the bay!


  2. Sabancaya must be rattling badly; the strongest eq here seems to be an M 4.4. Nothing to see on the one remaining webcam.


  3. Lopevi Island volcano (Vanuatu) has had (a) small eruption(s) and alert level has been raised to “3” by the Vanuatu Geohazards Observatory.

    Images abt 10 hrs ago:


  4. Howdy all – Should have posted this earlier this week when I ran across it. PhysOrg article on deep quakes at Tonga. Appears they are triggered at the point where water is driven out of subducted plate materials. There is a depth and temperature where the structure of hydrated minerals breaks down and is no longer able to retain water. If accurate, the theory may be used to define earthquakes deep along subduction regions. Cheers –



  5. Hi
    Best wishes to all
    My Raspberryshake works seamlessly. Easy set up and installation. I connected it to the global network with a click.


    Scientifically my RS is installed ina very noisy environment, so I’m not sure to be able to see large EQ (only at night when all is quiet). I will try to get some fft treatment of the data to get a frequency spectrum, like the one you can see on the IGN pages (gives you more information about what is going on)

    An example of the helicorder view.


    • Oh thanks, dfm! City in eruption, help! 😀 So, you are in a city in (N-)W Europe (just to get an idea of what might be going on geo-seismically), and what is starting at ~06:00 is the traffic noise, right? Probably you’d have to count in the weather, too. Do you get many small natural EQs there normally? Where have you set it up, is it sort of permanently installed? Fft=Fast Fourier transform (or so says Google), so you’d need a converter software or even an extra device? And last question of an ignoramus for now, where does the global network come in, what does it do for you?


      • Hi Granyia

        I live since one year now near Paris (I was in the north of France before but I moved because of job issues) so there is very little chance to get a local earthquake (I’m right in the middle of the Parisian sedimentary basin and the geology is mainly chalky).
        For the time being it sits in my living room so there are plenty of perturbations, but you have noticed (as you are an experienced volcanoholic 😉 ) that there is a lot of noise during the day (I’m not far (< 1km) from a major highway and the road near the apartment is pretty active. I set the device up just in time for storm Egon and it was fun to see the action of the wind on the readings.
        If you want to see in real time the signal you can go to


        There if you de-zoom a little.you will see that there are 3 active units in the vicinity of Paris.
        My intend will be to study the think a see how it reacts. I'll probably use some open source software to visualize the signal, there seem to be one from Anthony Lomax which could do the job.

        I'm really happy with the device it was easy to mount and to start and seem to be working perfectly. All this for a rather "modest" price tag, less that 300 € all things considered.


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