14 comments on “What is a low velocity zone and why should I care?

  1. Bogoslof’s vent is finally subaerial, significant cloud in yesterday’s eruption much more ash-rich as a result. More dramatic changes at the island!


    • And look at this wonderful photo with waterfalls and all! “Satellite image of Bogoslof volcano collected on 31 January 2017 showing the significant changes at Bogoslof Island following the eruption during the night of 30 to 31 January. Freshly erupted volcanic rock and ash have formed a barrier that separates the vent from the sea. This is the first time this has been observed since the eruptive sequence began in mid-December 2016. The vent is below sea level, and erosion of the ash deposits by wave or eruptive processes would allow sea water to flow into the vent again.” (http://www.avo.alaska.edu/images/image.php?id=104601)


    • Hi Cbus, the RSS feed on your blog isn’t working yet, or is it? I wanted to set it up in our side bar.


  2. HVO has issued a warning about the crack that has opened parallel to the shore (5-10 m behind the lava stream) and has widened from ~30 cm to ~70 cm, moving visibly. It seems that a block ~28 m high and ~150 m or more in length is about to collapse into the sea. It “would create a significant wave that would travel rapidly out to sea. It also could shower the immediate area with blocks of hot rock and fragments of molten lava. It could also prompt more powerful explosions as the 61g lava tube is further exposed.” – “Remarkably, grinding noises could be heard coming from the crack, and the block of sea cliff on the makai (ocean) side of the crack could be seen to move slightly.” (From email alert and HVO website https://hvo.wr.usgs.gov/multimedia/?display=default)


  3. Cleveland has erupted yet another new lava dome into the crater. 70m tall. AVO just raised the alert level to orange. Also, I heard there was a small earthquake swarm today somewhere between Grimsvotn and Thordarhyrna, M1-1.5. Wouldn’t be surprised if something really *interesting* happens there relatively soon.


  4. Annotated photo of new Bogoslof island earlier this week. The volcano has been busy this eruption. Photo courtesy AVO. Cheers –

    Bogoslof island as of first week in Feb.  Annotated photo courtesy of AVO.


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