23 comments on “Whowouldhavethought…? Thank You!… And a POLL

  1. On Wednesday SERNAGEOMIN called a yellow alert for the Chilean/Argentinean volcano Lanín. A seismic swarm of VT, LP earthquakes and tremor occured simultaneously and further development might go towards instability of the volcanic system.

    Lanín Seismogram of 15/16 Febr.

    See Lanín on SERNAGEOMIN pages, and their webcam:


  2. Pacaya (Guatemala): Strombolian activity keeps creating small explosions, material is filling up the Mackenney crater.


  3. And from Science Direct – an article about what scientists are calling a new continent in the raised sea floor around New Zealand to the east of Oz. And we thought the science was settled. This is why we keep on looking, taking data and trying to figure out what that data means, as from time to time we discover things that have been staring us in the face for centuries. Don’t know if these guys are correct. But I do know the discussion will be most interesting. Cheers –



  4. Thank you to you both. Keep up the good work. I genuinely enjoy reading the articles even if I’m too lazy/busy at the moment to produce some.

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  5. Congrats on the success.

    In terms of articles I like most, I always enjoy anything that invites further discussion or allows me to learn a new facet of volcanology. I think a lot of the articles on here have more or less just mentioned the facts about a specific volcano. Perhaps some more room for speculation and such will invite further commentary?


    • Thank you, Cbus! Two years ago I knew someone who could have written just such posts as you described 😉


  6. When I have time, I’m planning to contribute a piece on Mount Adams. Just have to think of an interesting title!


    • Great. At the risk of being overly silly, perhaps “An Interestingly Titled Post on Mount Adams”? It would have a certain Monty Python-esque flavor to it with the obvious Python hook. Would also be a great jumping off point for a wide ranging exploration far outside the bounds of our regular fare, ultimately very, very cool. Do it. It’ll be fun. Cheers –


  7. Interesting: Horizontal sliding of kilometre-scale hot spring area near Aso volcano (Uchinomaki): In the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake a roughly circular, ~2 km x 50 m thick (deep) block of horizontal surface in the hydrothermal area shifted 1 m NW. This left drill pipes bent, some wells blocked and others opened spontaneously. Compressional features like crushed concrete road appeared on one side and intensive open fissures up to 1 m on the other… Scientists find that the horizontal sliding was not caused by gravitational forces, or at least not in the “normal” landslide fashion, nor was it caused by fault rupture…


  8. I enjoyed reading the articles over the last two years, congrats on the anniversary!

    The redesign is extremely difficult for me to read with my vision problems. White type on a dark background causes blurry halos around each letter, plus each line of type has an echoing afterimage when I shift my eyes while reading. Trying to read an article with the new design is such an overall unpleasant visual experience that I will probably not visit the blog much in the future.


    • Hi Ingrid, thanks for your feedback, and I am very sorry about your problems with readability (probably they are not only your’s…). I thought I had found the better solution with the gray as opposed to a “white text”. Unfortunately, the font color cannot be changed generally, nor the background color in the text area. Would it help to increase the text size, perhaps, or use a different font type? I have tried the bigger text for a start. If you like, I could invite you into our “playground” area so that you can try different options for yourself? You’d have to send us an email to get an invitation link.


      • Thanks for replying! Yes, gray text is definitely better than white. In fact, the most readable is the time stamp under your reply, light gray on darker gray! I will take you up on your kind offer and send an email in the next day or two.


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