11 comments on “Ongoing eruptions at Ebeko, Kuril Islands

  1. And here are some new images of the Ebeko eruption from 27 Febr. Look how the snow nearly reaches the roofs! – I really think this the most remote place in the world, more so than the Fidji Islands…


  2. I am somewhat amazed that 10 out of 13 U.S. volcanoes listed here (MIROVA) have had thermal anomalies in the last month. For example, in Augustine two low-level incidents near the crater were registered last week. That shows us that the active volcanoes are very much “alive”, even if no activity is reported because it might be minor and nothing to write home about.


  3. Bogoslof has been quiet for the last three weeks but is “roaring back to life” 😉 just now. Last Activity Notice reads: “A significant explosive eruption that began at Bogoslof volcano at 7:36 UTC on March 8 (10:36 pm AKST on March 7) is continuing, as indicated in seismic, lightning, and infrasound data. The ash cloud from the eruption has been observed to 35,000 feet in satellite images and is heading east. The current Aviation Color Code is RED and Alert level is WARNING.”


  4. Wow this volcanic system is impressive. I imagine the Russian people living there will have to evacuate.

    Both the volcanoes and the mysterious Kurils are so fricking beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing.

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