8 comments on “Where the World Smells of Nutmeg – BANDA API

  1. And via social media, a lovely image apparently from 12/04/2017 of Ebeko (Kuril Islands):


  2. Bogoslof: uptick in seismicity increases the likelihood of future explosive activity – AVO is raising the Aviation Color Code to ORANGE and the Volcano Alert Level to WATCH.


  3. Presence of fresh magma particles confirmed in Poas’ ash: “Using the SEM, we have found that ashes expelled between April 12 and 14, 2017, are composed mostly of secondary or altered minerals, altered rocks, lithic rocks (pre-existing rocks) and juvenile material. This last one is in a fraction of around 5% of the total ash erupted, that is to say, the presence of magma in the eruptions is confirmed, with typical characteristics of the contact of the water with the magma, reason why they are called Phreatomagmatic eruptions that had not occurred in the Poás volcano since 1955.” (group Volcanes Sin Fronteras, transl. by Google)



    • Poas National Park is now closed for an indefinite time and a restriction zone of 5 km around the crater has been imposed.


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