19 comments on “Mount Damavand, Iran – The Original Mount Doom?

  1. Thanks agimarc! I have to re-read and think about it, my first reaction was, why, this is a tectonically very active region, there should be more volcanic activity too…


    • Hi. I’ve been reading posts since the first one recently, and I found this question to be the best one for a first comment.

      Here’s a rough translation of an extract from a french volcanology book: “Collision zones appear «a priori» less favorable to volcanism because the compression phenomenon dominates” (Bardintzeff, Volcanologie 5e édition, 2016).

      Some local distensions authorize ascension of magma, but that’s a rare occurrence. And btw, the “a priori” part was because after, he would describe locations where collision volcanoes do occur. Shame this particular case of volcanoes are treated as intraplate volcanism on the GVP.


  2. POAS: Great drone video taken while measuring gas emissions over Poas, by OVSICORI:

    Makes me marvel again at the huge versatility of drones (I mean, when they are not flying into an open window to murder a handful innocent people or two).


  3. Bogoslof at RED again… with volcanic ash emission (on the basis of lightning detections).


    • Hi Graniya! thanks for that! I’ll have a look at it in more detail as soon as I get some time. Running around like a blue-arsed fly at the moment trying to get all my jobs shifted before my holiday (in four hours!!). I am really getting into the whole buoyancy thing while reading Parfitt and Wilson. I’m surprised how a little physics can actually take you a long way. The thesis of this paper that mafic melt entering a felsic chamber would actually increase its density and could account for a degree of deflation makes sense to some degree but I could imagine the impact of adding heat to a body of crystal mush might outweigh this by increasing the relative share of the liquid phase in the chamber.. just a quick thought. I guess if the chamber were already totally molten, that wouldn’t count.. nice pic of Bogosloff btw, very reminiscent of Sarychev


      • I doubt if “chambers” ever melt totally, I always imagine them with a tunnel for the liquid and the rest… er… zähe… crystal mush in a more or less degree of soft. Tunnel getting wider oder making branches when temperature and amount of magma/pressure are rising. Enjoy Pfingsten!


  4. Eruption plume from Bogoslof earlier in the week. LOTS of steam in the plume. Satellite photo appears to be some 18 min after the start of the eruption. Photo courtesy of AVO. Cheers –

    Bogoslof eruptive plume May 28, 22:34 UTC

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