1. AVO: “A new lava dome has been observed in satellite data from earlier today. It is located in the northern portion of the vent lagoon, has breached sea level, and is about 110 m across. A robust steam plume is visible in satellite data, and at 2250 UTC (14:50 AKDT) extended for 75 km to the south over the western end of Unalaska Island at an estimated altitude of less than 10,000 ft asl.

    Some past eruptions of Bogoslof have ended with the emplacement of a lava dome, but in other cases, lava effusion has been followed by additional explosions. If future explosions do occur, the resulting volcanic cloud could be more ash-rich than those that have occurred thus far in the sequence that began in 2016.”


  2. Volcan Poas (CR): image from yesterday. The lake has now dried up. Ash and sulfur particles in the emissions that had previously been absorbed in the acid water now remain suspended in the steam plume; explosions might get messier. (OVSICORI on fb)


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