4 comments on “Geothermal exploration at Mount Spurr 2008 – 2011

  1. Nice one Agimarc
    yes Geothermal is a very fine renewable, being able to supply baseload.
    Unfortunately things are not so easy as “putting a pipe in the ground” and running a turbine. Ormat is a very well respected company in the field.
    There are also water and steam issues like corrosive gases coming from the volcanic field and silica precipitation problems which can limit the energy recovery (you cannot use all the enthalpy of steam as silica is precipitating with lower pressure and temperature). Plus Alaska is already a gas and oil production region….


    • Thanks, DFM. I was on the Chugach Board when Ormat started drilling. Voted off before they were finished. We had a shortage of natural gas in Cook Inlet in the late ’00’s and were looking at a way to get around that problem. Geo was an option, as was big hydro. I have long been a fan of CTLs (Fischer – Tropsch) as we have a lot of coal here in AK.

      I am reminded of the old guy statement: The most expensive stuff of all is the free stuff. Closely followed by Heinlein’s: TANSTAAFL. (There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch). Cheers –


  2. Very significant EQ swarm at Fagradalsfjall (Krysuvik). Magmatic signature detected. Wouldn’t be surprised if alert level raised. Exciting!


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