11 comments on “Two Too Tall Guys – ULAWUN & BAMUS, P.N.G.

  1. Nice write-up Graniya. I know how difficult it is to find material on this part of the world despite it being so active. Makes it even more frustrating when you realise how dramatic the volcanos on New Britain are! Maybe some budding volcanologist gets your hint and does a research paper on it. Uluwan sounds likes it primed for a sector collapse.

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    • Great find, Bruce. AVO has photos similar to 4 & 5 in the sequence. The closest they can get to the overhead photo 1 is from March. They do annotate the eruption column and describe tephra jets. The stuff that looks like combed hair from the column to the shore is described as a weak base surge. Cheers –

      AVO annotated eruption plume 28 May 2017


  2. Status for Mount Agung has today been raised to “Siaga” (3 of 4). Official local reports (via newspaper) are of a small white plume and, after an eq M 3.1 in the mountain, “flames” have been seen. Also at least one person said he has seen ash. Take that with a grain of salt, though.

    However, there are quite large thermal anomalies visible on satellite imagery at the NE lower slope of the mountain (check MIROVA under Batur volcano and Terra/Aqua Modis). I won’t post them just yet, as they could be wildfires or something.

    I dearly hope G. Agung will behave himself, his last eruption (1963) was devasting with over 1000 fatalities.


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