42 comments on “Antarctica 3 – The Volcanoes of Marie Byrd Land

  1. New research has been published on “…the Columbia River Flood Basalts (CRFB), whose sulfur output was 4,000 times that of Tambora. This is the equivalent of one Tambora paroxysm every day for 11 to 16 years, according to the researchers”. This is from an IFLscience article, or read the Geology Paper (DOI: 10.1130/G39371.1 – “coming soon”)


    • It might have been the rain again, little steam explosions all night. Which is probably not good, opening up more cracks for water to get deeper, thus preparing for a phreatic outburst.

      And now there are minutes of tremor speaking of rising magma… Wonder if one can tell “harmonic” from “non-harmonic” tremors on this seismogram? I guess one has to look at the spectrograms to know?


      • I still can’t see any tremor there. There are a couple of fuzzy patches that look like they might be, but after checking them against JAGI I think they are just teleseisms.


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