6 comments on “Antarctica 4 – Volcanoes of the Ross Sea and Victoria Land

  1. Hi agimarc, excellent work again! The more I read about all this Antarctic volcanic activity the more persistant gets that picture in my mind… nobody knows for sure what exactly initiated that whole business of continental plate motion towards the north. Was the Antarctic something of a major (or the first, or the only) spreading center at the beginning? I know this question is researched but I have not seen someone mentioning a viable hypothesis on it.


  2. As we had some confusion about which are stratovolcanoes and which shields, I found others had this problem too: “A curiosity of subglacially erupted volcanoes is that, because they are formed of alternating thick sections of lavas and fragmental rocks and are therefore technically stratovolcanoes, the frequent development of lava-fed deltas has resulted in volcano profiles with slopes less than 15° that are normally associated with (lava-dominated) shield volcanoes. Both terms have been used to describe Antarctic volcanoes.


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