4 comments on “An Introduction to Lunar Volcanic Activity

  1. Very nice overview! A new visit to the Moon is long overdue. We could do so much more than was possible in a few days 50 years ago. I find it sad that we have declined so much. The US can’t even put a man (woman) in space anymore, let alone land on the Moon. So much for progress.

    You may be interested in the gravity maps of the Moon, made 5 years ago by the Grail mission. See for instance

    I don’t buy the 1178 event attributed to the formation of a large lunar crater. Such impacts are very rare and the chance of catching on in recorded history is near zero. Neither does the description sound like an impact. Their description sounds much more like something in our atmosphere, for instance passing hot air from a distant fire.


  2. Thanks, Albert for your kind words. Best wishes for a very Merry Christmas to you and yours.

    The interesting part of this for me was as time went on and the supply of magma diminished, volcanic activity started looking more like what we are used to here on earth (and elsewhere).

    Saw the Grail maps. Still trying to figure out how they were used to identify lava tubes. Wouldn’t have thought there would have been much of a difference in local gravity, but what do I know?

    Have been interested in Archaeoastronomy (Paleoastronomy) for a long time as much as a mystery to be solved as anything else (how did this come to be and why?). Look at TLPs in that light, with the answer (as always) being we need more information / data. Have been doing the same thing for nearly a decade with the YD / Fred Hoyle / Mike Baillie / Napier / Clube giant fragmented comet discussion.

    I think we will be back on the moon much faster than anyone thinks today with perhaps the ChiComs, Bezos and Musk fighting it out for first one back. Even Bigelow is talking about orbiting one of his Transhab-based modules in the vicinity. Next ten years is going to be a lot of fun. Cheers –


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