7 comments on “The 2018 Eruption Sequence at Mayon, Philippines

  1. Mayon had Strombolians eruption with lava fountains shooting several hundreds of meters into the air. What caused this volcano to shift from pyroclastic flows into lava fountaining and has it do do with alternating layers of basalt and more evolved magma inside its main magma chamber?


    • Still trying to figure out how such a steep and active volcano hasn’t suffered a flank collapse / debris avalanche yet. Wondering if the layered lava flows combined with soft material removal by rain / typhoons tends to make the cone more substantial than the majority of other stratovolcanoes.

      I think there is some mixing in the magma chamber. Unable to tell how much at this time. The only caldera I found along this portion of the Bicol Arc was Irosin now occupied by Bulusan. Eruptions appear to be sufficiently regular so that there is not an overabundance of dacites either produced or erupted. Cheers –


  2. Hey, are you all helping vote for and “promote” the best volcanoes in the Twitter Volcano Cup? I can’t right now but will join in mightily in a few days!


  3. Thank you for a fascinating article! The Philippines are in my mind as our daughter is vacationing there right now. Understandably, she’s staying well away but she knows my interest in Mayon! I am hoping she might be near enough for some photos (she is a photographer) but it’s unlikely.

    Interesting to see Kadovar is still on the go, to.


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  4. Howdy all –

    Interesting paper from Science Alert on the Chicxulub impactor unzipping the mid-ocean ridges and spreading centers. I have long thought that a large impact event could trigger volcanic activity from pressurized systems that were not currently in eruption by flexing brittle rock capping the intruding dike / sill. The impact simulator gives a felt earthquake M 10.2 on the other side of the planet from the impact site, so there would be enough energy delivered to shake things up a lot. Worth a read. Cheers –




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