4 comments on “NISYROS of the Twelve Islands (Greece)

  1. Hi
    Maybe greece next time then.
    meanwhile some new developments in La Palma since the 10th


  2. Nisyros was ringing a bell. I did an elevation plot in 2012. Gives you a more wide view of the terrain including submarine.


  3. La palma earthquae swarm animation update Latest event in the morning (7.32) of Feb 15th
    In black the swarm of October 2017
    Colored dots are events from February 10th
    Blue is oldest, red newest.
    The events go into another zone. Nothing to fear about of course,if we compare to El Hierro 2011 and its more than 10 thousand events before the eruption. There is a programmed meeting from Pevolca today in La Palma


  4. Thank you! I enjoyed the article. I never realised how active the area is because we always hear about Santorini.


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