12 comments on “VOLCÁN CHAITÉN (CL) and a Town in Distress

  1. Thanks for the reference. The image labelling the subsidiary dome that Martin cited because of my blog is original from the “18,000 year-long…” as I did in my article.


    • For translating, Google has a document translator service (under the text box) where you can upload a pdf. The only problem is that the format will be lost


    • Thank you, I have corrected the reference.

      As to the translation, it seems that neither can Google translate, nor can “I love PDF” unlock, password-protected pdfs without the password. These reports have a “hidden element” for password protection. Google normally translates all PDFs for me, but not these.


  2. This is clunky but works.

    Screenshot what you want to translate, save as a jpg. Then FreeOCR will extract the text, which giggle translate will handle.


    • Indeed it does do the trick! I didn’t believe it would work alright. Quite awkward if you are going through a lot of these multi-page reports. But for the occasional file it will be okay – thank you!

      Reminds me of the time when people joked about Russian engines, cameras etc: “Oh, it’s cast iron, moulded in one piece, but it does work!” 😉


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