5 comments on “MALY SEMYACHIK (🇷🇺) & A glimpse at PHOTOGRAMMETRY

  1. The volcanic alert for Mt. Io or Ioyama in the Kirishima range has been raised to “3”: after steam and mud eruptions yesterday. Four of those happened so far. Good images in this YT video:


    • Thanks dfm, I had been looking for this when James Reynolds posted screenshots of it (I think). Wow, with the three vents in the foreground it still looks more like an electricity plant than a volcano! 😉


    • Yes, a small eruption at the highway site: “In the vicinity, 250m west of Iwozan, a very small eruption occurred around 18:15 yesterday (26th) and continued until about 18:26. Milky white smoke rose more than 200 m from the fire hole, eruptive fumarolic activity continues after the eruption. The eruption site is the fumarolic area near the prefectural highway No. 1.” …an area ~500m wide, …inflation there up to 15 cm.

      In the article you linked to, they say there are no signs of magma rising under Ioyama, so it’s still purely phreatic. Additionally, “It is certain that Kirishima mountain’s activity is increasing throughout the whole, and at least it is necessary to monitor activities with long-term perspectives of several years, including Shinmoedake and the bowl.”

      I guess they’ll have to abandon that road for good, even if there is no eruption forthcoming.

      I keep thinking of those people who were camping in Papandayan crater last week… if such a fumarole starts under your tent… good night and sweet dreams then! 😉


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