10 comments on “Tin Can Island – Niuafo’ou Caldera, Tonga

  1. A few hours ago HVO has called the red RED aviation warning for Kilauea for heavy ash emissions from Halema’uma’u (summit crater). Those can occur when rockfalls or other changes occur within the pit. Also, considerably stronger explosions are expected when the lava level sinks below the ground water table.


    • That’s interesting (as your work usually is!), thanks dfm! Soo…, the majority of quakes is not related to the rift opening, as I thought, but occurs in the summit and Pu’u O’o, as usual. Also, I am surprised that Pu’u O’o has such a deep magma source to itself – I always thought it was mainly connected to the summit plumbing system. This comes from 13 km deep… or deeper.


  2. Iconic photo from the weekend. Two thoughts:

    1. Always know what the prevailing wind direction is.
    2. Golf must take a LOT of focus.

    Cheers –


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