14 comments on “A *PAMS* Volcano in Europe? CIOMADUL / CSOMÁD (🇷🇴)

  1. Alert level for Merapi volcano (Java) has been raised from “1” (Green/Normal) to “2” (Yellow/Waspada) last night (21/5/2018 WIB). Due to increase in phreatic eruptions activity, followed by VT earthquakes and Tremor. An exclusion zone of 3 km radius around the peak has been called. (http://www.vsi.esdm.go.id/index.php/gunungapi/aktivitas-gunungapi/2221-peningkatan-status-gunung-merapi-diy-jateng-dari-level-i-normal-menjadi-level-ii-waspada)

    Left: Seismogram from 21/5, Right: Thermal camera image of the summit from 22/5, 05:20 WIB (https://magma.vsi.esdm.go.id/)


  2. Nice one again

    If fact with time we discover that there are many volcanic spots in central europe.
    I’ve visited one Polish volcano, there are many lava domes in the Czech republic and there are also some volcanic calderas in Slovaquia. Plus of course the volcanic zone near Lake Balaton.
    In France, in addition to the chaîne des puys in Massif central there are the volcanoes of Ardeche which should be contemporary to the one you describe. Some very old volcanic traces can also be found in Brittany but it is really old (-600 Myear or about)


    • In continental Spain we also have had recent volcanic activity. It may not be Central Europe but you wouldnt expect to find active volcanoes here either. The most recent eruption took place 6000 years ago at the Campo de Calatrava volcanic field and also the Olot volcanic field has had eruptions 11 Kyears BP.


      • Hi Dustdevil, thanks! Is that the volcano where a Geopark is planned to be created? I saved a link but didn’t get round to reading yet.


        • Apparently yes. I had no idea that Campo de Calatrava is planned to be a future Geopark. Its a very interesting volcanic field added to the recent eruption of the Columba volcano it also has an active fumarole and fairly common CO2 driven geyser events with the last of then taking place in 2000, 2011, 2013 and february of this year.
          I read somewhere that one of these may have been behind a destructive flood that was said to have comed out of the ground and affected the city of Ciudad Real which I think partially sits over old maar craters.


  3. Some test with python on the hawaii earthquake activity. The video is a bit long (2700 events in a month, and as many plots) so do not hesitate to play with the controls to accelerate a bit.
    Moving date is shown at the top of the video
    Things are heating up from the start of May and the rift zone is clearly seen. There are some stops and go in the motion of the earthquakes. In the last part of the video you can see also the depth.


    • That’s awesome, you can see the entire rift! I don’t think it’s too long, it gives you time to contemplate what you’re seeing. Only when viewing it the second and third time did I accelerate the first part. 🙂 I like the exaggerated translucent mountains better than the map surface but it seems to give you some trouble aligning them with the highest EQs.

      I find it really amazing that some of them happen ~20 km deep, especially now when the rift is hotter than usual. They surely must be much more powerful down there than the surface instruments register, as it is a) quite “soft” rock that’s breaking and b) there is liquid all around to dampen the seismic waves.

      Just read that the ocean crust below Hawaii is <15km thick.


      • Better yet, the weight of the volcanoes above depress the crust below the Big Island by around 8 km, meaning that Mauna Loa is actually 17,170 m high (most of it below water). Cheers –


        PS: Upon further review, this also means that the earthquakes 20 km down are located 5 km high in the volcanic stack rather than in the crust. Cheers –


    • Fascinating, DFM. Entire region looks like a sheet that changes into two main pipes as they reach the surface toward the end of the video. Looks like there’s going to be a LOT of lava in Puna. Interesting that the dike did not push farther out east toward the sea. Many thanks for the work. Cheers –


      • Yes to all (and thanks), I was surprised to see this “upwelling” of magma, coming from quite deep. I have limited the scale to 15 km, as there were only a few quakes deeper. I’ll try to update every few days


  4. Great briefing from HVO on the ongoing eruption. Conclusion at the end is that the entire system used to be in hydrostatic balance between the summit of Kilauea and Pu’u’O’o. That dynamic balance has been disrupted with the new vent being near sea level. This eruption will continue until that balance is restored, meaning we are in it for the long haul. h/t – American Thinker. Cheers –


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  6. Update on the EQ activity in Hawaii.
    one month, hour by hour activity. Look at the 5th of May, there is a big swarm.
    I will try some other perspectives later and update in a few days.

    Cheers !


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