6 comments on “Antarctica 5 – Volcanoes of the Antarctic Peninsula

  1. Being near active volcanoes is always a contact sport at some level. Lava bomb apparently ejected from the lava entry into the ocean ended up on top of a sightseeing boat, injuring at least 23 yesterday. Fortunately nobody killed. Burns, broken bones, contusions, etc. Prayers for the injured.

    Looks like the lava flow shut down the geothermal plant, though the marijuana farmers still appear to be in business at least for a little while. Cheers –



    • It was thought that lava flowing into the sea had continued through a lava tube for several hundert meters out. Through cooling at the flow tip lava piled up at there, still fed through the tube, untill eventually the inside gas pressure got the heap exploding. Found this video on FB from another boat at greater distance:


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