3 comments on “LONQUIMAY (🇨🇱) and its Christmas Crater

  1. Quite the story about the impact of a moderate to small volcanic eruption on the neighboring lands and people, Granyia. Good read. Many thanks. Cheers –

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  2. Etna had been revving up for a few weeks with ash puffs and incandescence and is now going active from four vents again. INGV has provided a description of the present situation in their blog HERE (in Italian).

    From the INGV blog post:

    Bocca Nuova crater. (a): Thermal image of 16 Aug. 2018 shows the crater bottom of the Bocca Nuova. Heat ranging from yellow to red to white. In the foreground, the BN-1 mouth (reactivated in Nov. 2016) and, in the background, the BN-2 mouth, reopened on 16 Aug. in the SE sector of the Bocca Nuova. (b): visible image of 17 Aug. 2018 of the same area of ​​the Bocca Nuova. Photo: Marco Neri.

    It seems there is only one webcam left to watch the activities, all others must have died of boredom since the last eruption. From the LAVE-cam a few min. ago:



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