7 comments on “Popocatepetl – Mexico City’s Active Volcano

  1. AVO: Monday, September 3, 2018, 11:29 AM AKDT
    “Seismic activity at Veniaminof, indicative of unrest, increased late last night and volcanic tremor is ongoing. Thus, AVO is rasing the Aviation Color Code to Yellow and the Volcano Alert Level to Advisory. There are, however, no signs of eruptive activity at this time.”


  2. Very informative history of the Vulcanology of this area..
    Are the eruptions from these Strato volcanoes referred to as Pelean?


    • Perhaps. In the current eruption sequence activity there may have been a few. Most aren’t. I look at Popo’s eruptions on a spectrum from Strombolian to Plinian, with a lot more smaller eruptions than large ones. I can usually figure out what a small eruption is and what a large one is. But the ones in middle confound me a bit.

      Pelean eruptions are vigorous, explosive eruptions that generally include plumes, large pyroclastic flows, and dome formation / volcanic spines. Most recent eruptions from Popo have been a bit smaller, more Vulcanian in nature with limited pyroclastic flows. Recent activity from Popo built and destroyed at least 80 domes and has small, localized pyroclastic flows. Haven’t run across anything about volcanic spines.

      Great question. Afraid my response is not a clear yes or no, which is typical of these volcanoes. Cheers –


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