6 comments on “PAUL… or AVACHINSKAYA SOPKA, Kamchatka

  1. Hi
    thanks for the link on Mayotte.

    Just to point out 2 mooc courses on volcanology.
    one on Coursera on seismology and one on Edx on volcano monitoring.
    The first one is a bit math/python oriented (but very interesting), the second one seems for the moment much more accessible and is speaking of Icelandic volcanoes. Both can be followed for free, but you’ll need to pay to get a certificate.


    • Thanks, dfm, yes I had heard but forgotten about the Edx course; so I have enrolled today and completed the first module. I was amazed to see the lecturers: it reads like the Who is Who of Icelandic volcanologists. I won’t buy a certificate, though. Are you doing the Coursera one?


  2. Interesting paper out of EurekaAlert. Major tectonic sutures in the tropics tied to ice ages. Mechanism seems to be oceanic rock lifted above the ocean surface which weathers and removes sufficient CO2 from the atmosphere to plunge global temps into ice age conditions. Over time, those uplifted sea bottom rocks chemically change to the point where that reaction no longer takes place and the ice age sequence stops. Current active suture is Indonesia. This only works if you believe CO2 levels are the cause of ice ages. Have seen similar theories blaming current ice age sequence (last 35 Ma) on the formation of the Himalayas which disrupt the E-W global air flow. A third theory has the closure of Central America at Panama as disrupting E-W currents between the Pacific and Atlantic. The more you know. The more you don’t know. Interesting reading nonetheless. h/t WUWT and Dennis Wingo. Cheers –



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