4 comments on “Quite Off the Beaten Track – ASCENSION I. 🇦🇨

  1. correction, looks like Pinatubo got up to nearly 500 km, but still, Uluwan is in the middle of a major eruption.


  2. Hi Bruce, thanks for the alert, I had been off most internet since Friday. I find on Twitter that Raikoke in the Kuriles went off on Saturday with a 13km high ash plume; Krakatau had a phreatic explosion this morning, and the Ulawun eruption may have been as high as 19.2 km. Great Himawary images of Raikoke and Ulawun, they look quite similar from above.

    Murphy’s Law in full action again: Since the Sentinel2 images are available to us, for about 2 years I think, I have looked at least twice a week at each of my favorite volcanoes, Ulawun being one of them. Last time on Friday. Won’t be able to look again before 20 July. Did it have to erupt just now?


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