6 comments on “Simushir Island – Nested Calderas and Secret Sub Bases, Central Kuril Islands

  1. Two large eruptions this week – Ulawun in New Britain and Raikoke in the Kurils. Granyia did a previous post on Ulawun that you can find here. I am looking into Raikoke. Cheers –


  2. California Volcano Observatory reported an earthquake swarm near the Coso Volcano Field that started shortly after the M 7.1 earthquake yesterday evening. They have not raised any warning levels yet and may not. No deformation observed. No eruption imminent. Warning message can be found at the following link. Cheers –



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  4. Fascinating armchair traveling!! Brouton Bay brings back a distant childhood memory. I was about four years old so the recollection is kind of half childhood impression, half fact. But we went on a launch trip off the coast of Coromandel to an island that had a steep-wall almost circular bay in it. I’ve asked many a sailor since but no one can come with any island it might be. Brouton Bay is now on my list of must see places when I finally get to sail the Ring of Fire.. (distant plans)..

    Back to recent activity. Judging by the seismograms it looks like both Lokon and Gamalama had short eruptions.


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