5 comments on “Lago Ilopango – an El Salvador Caldera (updated and reposted)

  1. Meanwhile in Peru: Ubinas volcano, which had produced phreatic eruptions during the last years, has now a magma body creeping up that causes some concern to the authorities. As there haven’t been any eruptions lately, the conduit seems to be bottled up. Volcanologists are now warning of a possibly strong eruption, where the lava could break out either from the crater or any place. They are quite concerned about possible flank eruptions. Yesterday a first (moderate) ashy explosion from the crater opened the game.

    Sentinel-2 image (Sentinel Hub EO Browser), 18.08.2019, false colour (urban); shows the measured thermal anomalies from a near-surface magma body


  2. And while everyone is waiting for a magmatic eruption from Ubinas, it’s actually Sabancaya that has revved up its seismic activity:


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