5 comments on “Sent Ash Around the World – Volcán CEBORUCO, Mexico

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  2. Great post! I had no idea this volcano was there and such a threat. Re: searching for volcano news in Spanish — this is a challenge for me, too, when I try to follow news on Popocatepetl. Try searching for “UNAM, monitoreo, ____ [volcano name]”; that should show a monitoring network if and when they get one going. They’re working on it, apparently: this past October UNAM (the Autonomous National University of Mexico) and the University of Veracruz put out a hazard map; can’t find it online, but here’s the PR bulletin (Spanish): https://www.dgcs.unam.mx/boletin/bdboletin/2019_713.html

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    • Hi BJ, thank you! I had looked more to the Uni of Guadalajara as they did the seismological research. Have now searched the websites of UNAM as well but found no more than one or two articles for Ceboruco, relating to the hydrological analyses, and that there is a GPS station running. Also, the hazard map seems not to be online yet in a readable resolution. We’ll see. Have a great Christmas!


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