9 comments on “What is an Intraplate Earthquake?

  1. Taal volcano has started a violent eruption and it’s alert level was raised to 3 first and then 4 within a few hours! Dr. Boris Behncke has written a very informative thread on Twitter about the volcano’s history. Further down in the thread he also comments on the current events.


  2. the signs at Taal are very worrying. It looks like a larger eruption is imminent. I strongly recommend anyone who can who is living near the volcano to go and visit distant relatives for a while. There is already an evacuation zone of 14km in place. If it were me I wouldn’t go within 30 km of it right now. The chance of a repeat of the 1754 or 1911 eruptions looks quite high. Seismic activity remains very strong for a volcanic system. 3km fissures have appeared in Batangas, like they did in 1911. This pdf map shows the distance reached by the base surges of the previous two major eruptions. There is no guarantee that the next eruption will follow the same pattern. It might be less, but it could also be more and with 459000 people living close to the volcano the time to leave is now.

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