5 comments on “The Cotacachi – Cuicocha Volcanic Complex, Ecuador

  1. Eruption from Cumbre Vieja volcano on La Palma, Canary Islands began yesterday. Many great videos posted. This one is courtesy The Guardian. Cheers –


  2. Citizen Free Press has a couple extended links on the La Palma eruption. The first one is courtesy TV Canarias. Cheers –


  3. Semisopochnoi was in eruption 9/19 – 9/20. Ash plumes 3 – 5 km. Activity has subsided a bit the last day or so, though small explosions still are taking place. Volcano is currently in alert level Watch and aviation warning Orange. It is monitored by webcams, local seismic, infrasound and satellite. AVO activity page is a good place to start.


    We did a post on Semisopochnoi in 2015.

    Activity increases at Semisopochnoi

    Great Sitkin, Pavlof and Cleveland are also active. AVO home page has links to all three volcanoes. Cheers –



  4. Latest video of the La Palma eruption for your consideration. So far, over 400 structures destroyed by lava flow. Video courtesy Sky News via UPI this morning. Cheers –


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