5 comments on “Easter Island, Chile

  1. Fascinating piece about a 3-6 month long earthquake swarm at Orca Seamount, just S of King George Island off the northern tip of the Antarctic peninsula. No volcanic activity, though parts of the island were lifted some 11 cm during the swarm. We took a look at volcanism on the Antarctic Peninsula as Part 5 of our Antarctic series in 2018. Cheers –


    Antarctica 5 – Volcanoes of the Antarctic Peninsula


  2. I am mostly an agnostic on modeling, especially modeling of complex systems. Models are not intended to predict the world. Rather, they are designed to tell you where things break, making them two different sorts of data points. With this in mind, ran across a piece on volcanic ice cap modeling on volcanoes along the Alaska Peninsula. The modeling was an attempt to determine how long an ice cap would delay an eruption. Source assumption for this notion is the caldera outbreak along the Alaska Peninsula following the ice retreat after the end of the last Great Ice Age. We had a LOT of caldera eruptions (Fischer, Aniakchak, Emmons Lake, Vemianoff) in the last 10 ka currently blamed on isostatic rebound with the melting of the ice cap. This paper takes off on that notion. As usual, your mileage may vary. Cheers –



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