7 comments on “Gunung Semeru, East Java, Indonesia

  1. That view across Bromo and the rest of the massif towards Semeru has been my favorite volcanic landscape since childhood of more than 70 years passed. It’s a check off on my bucket list I’ll likely never make a deeply regret not being able to.


    • Respectfully, never say never. Generally, the older we get, the more available resources to fill that bucket. The trip might be more possible than any of us think. If you get to that part of the world, please keep us in mind should you grab a few photos. As to regrets, I recommend Sinatra’s My Way. Thanks for the note. Good luck on your future trip down South. Cheers –


  2. Great post, thank you agimarc! I have followed the present ongoing eruption of Semeru closely since Dec. 4., when the alert level was raised to 4. A large pyroclastic flow, one among several smaller ones, could be seen on the webcams.

    One webcam caught the arrival of the largest PF

    Yesterday (14 Dec.) and today, lahars came down and destroyed the usually very busy road crossing over the river bed. I don’t know how far it went and whether more damage has been done. This crossing of a dirt road had been quickly restored today and then used by hundreds of lorries and motorbikes between the lahars – I really got the goosebumps watching…

    In the lower left image the first lahar is arriving and inundating the road crossing; the upper image shows other channels steaming with the hot water. On the right a seismogram has been placed that registers the lahar.

    While the alert level had been lowered to 3 quite soon, explosions in the crater and incandescent avalanches from the lava dome are still very frequent

    About the webcams: If I understand right, these are a community effort. There are 5 live streaming webcams, managed by the people of surrounding villages, independent of state institutions, and published on two YT channels. Apparently, two of the cameras have been damaged by the pyroclastic flows but replaced or repaired since. Kudos to these people!

    Here are the links to the YT users. Links to the live videos are changed often:
    – CCTV SEMERU @ecko9599
    presently: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f76zCvDlog0
    – Mas Bend77 Official @MasBend77Official
    presently: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUmGkqZ16Z4

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  3. Øystein L. Andersen has posted a comparison of Semeru’s crater – December 2021 vs December 2022. Looking closely, I think a good chunk of the the crater wall has come down in the latest eruptions, the skyline looks different:


  4. A time-lapse of the largest pyroclastic flow, published by AfarTV. “This was caught on camera starting at 9am Local time on December 4th 2022 at the Semeru Volcano in Indonesia. Video is sped up 60x. Source: CCTV SEMERU”


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