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++++ KANLAON – PHILIPPINES – 2015-12-23 ++++

CanlaonKanlaon Volcano has been showing unrest for the last months and has had a small ash eruption today. PHIVOLCS stated that the volcano issued an ash and steam plume accompanied by rumbling sounds which had been clearly audible in nearby towns, where also ash fall had been noticed. Alert Level 1 status remains in effect over the volcano. There is a 4-kilometer radius Permanent Danger Zone (PDZ) in place.

++++ ETNA – ITALY – 2015-12-03 ++++

etnasudAfter a progessive intensification on the evening of Dec. 2, 2015, the eruptive activity in the crater Voragine culminated in the early hours of Dec. 3 in a paroxysm, short but very violent, with high lava fountains and an eruption column several kilometers high. The paroxysmal event tonight is among the most violent of the last two decades, the Voragine had produced two even more intense paroxysms in 7/1998 and 9/1999. Magma has returned under Etna after a quiet period of seven month. (INGV)

++++ MOMOTOMBO – NICARAGUA – 2015-12-01 ++++

MomothumbAn eruptive phase began at the volcano with explosions and ash, gas and lava emission. The first heavy explosions occurred at about 9 pm Tuesday. Every two seconds explosions in the crater could be seen and heard throwing volcanic material up to 600 m high. Momotombo had been quiet since its last eruption in 1905. It is situated in western Nicaragua, La Paz Centro, León, 49 kilometers from the capital Managua; according to the 2014 risk map at least 500,000 people are at risk should Momotombo have a very large eruption.

++++ LASCAR – CHILE – 2015-10-30 ++++

Lascar01aSERNAGEOMIN: This morning volcan Lascar in Chile had an ash explosion with a plume hight of 2500m. – Activity continues with smaller puffs and incandescence at night.


++++ RINJANI – LOMBOK (INDONESIA) – 2015-10-25 ++++

CS8FWTEUAAUzh5SPVMBG: An eruption began on 25 Oct with a 200m high ash plume. – During the following two weeks activity increased with strong ash emissions and lava flows. Ash is moving west causing flight delays and airport closures on Bali.

++++ Mt. MICHAEL – S. SANDWICH ISLS (UK) – 2015-10-06 ++++

Although this volcano is not generally monitored, strong incandescence has been observed in satellite thermal images.

++++ ALAID – KURIL ISLS (RUSSIA) – 2015-10-02 ++++

AlaidSmAviation Color Code set to YELLOW. KVERT reported that an intense thermal anomaly was detected in satellite images over Alaid starting at 03h05 on 2 Oct., possibly due to Strombolian activity. Moderate eruptive activity of the volcano probably continued, according to further thermal imaging.

++++ PITON de la FOURNAISE – REUNION (FR.) – 2015-08-24 ++++

OVPDLF: The fourth eruption this year of the Piton began August 24, 2015 at 18:50 with the same precursors as the last ones, a sharp increase in number of earthquakes and deformation from early morning that day. A long crack opened near Rivals Crater stretching towards the summit. 6:59 p.m.: second phase of opening further up. 8:09 p.m.: third phase of opening still further up. 9:15-9:30 p.m. a crack opened in the northwest, below the Bory. There are high lava fountains and the flow is strong.

++++ SAKURAJIMA – JAPAN – 2015-08-15 ++++

On 15 Aug. JMA reported unusually strong earthquake activity directly below the Minamidake crater. The alert level was raised to 4 (prepare for evacuation) that day. The activity diminished over the following days. Unusal is as well that activity in the Showa crater had also almost ceased over the last couple of weeks. SO2 output on Showa crater has also decreased by half the usual amount (19/08).

++++ COTOPAXI – ECUADOR – 2015-08-14 ++++

View of the Cotopaxi volcano spewing ashes in Pichincha province, Ecuador on August 14, 2015. AFP PHOTO / JUAN CEVALLOSSince April this year there have been reports of sulforous odors on the mountain. There was a large increase in earthquakes (including harmonic tremors) and IGPEN reported slight deformation of the edifice, suggesting an intrusion of magma under the volcano. On 13 August, seismic activity increased considerably and from the early hours of 14th through the day 6 ashy phreatic explosions took place the first and biggest with an ash plume of 12 km.

++++ CHIRINKOTAN – KURIL ISL (RUSSIA) – 2015-08-10 ++++

According to SVERT observers reported a weak eruption at Chirinkotan on 10 August, characterized by block flows and pyroclastic flows that reached the coast. The Aviation Color Code was raised to Orange.

++++ PITON de la FOURNAISE – REUNION (FR.) – 2015-07-31 ++++

OVPDLF reported that a fissure eruption began on 31 July, preceded by 90 min. of high seismicity and 80 min. of major deformation. A 1-km-long fissure opened in the NE part of the l’Enclos Fouqué caldera and produced dozens of lava fountains. By the evening there were only five fountains, and a lava flow had traveled E towards the NE part of the caldera. According to a news article, lava fountains were 40 m high, forming 20-m-high cones on 31 July. On 2 August tremor stopped, and lava was no longer being effused.

++++ MANAM – P.N.G. – 2015-07-31 ++++

RVO reported that an eruption at Manam’s Southern Crater began on 31 July with low roaring noises. Soon after, fist-sized scoria fell in Warisi village on the E side of the island, and clasts 10-20 cm in diameter fell on the N side of the island in Baliau. Two people were knocked unconscious after being hit with scoria. RVO stated that, immediately after scoria fall ceased, dark gray ash emissions rose from the crater. Based on satellite images and ground observations, the Darwin VAAC reported that the ash plume rose to an altitude of 19.8 km (65,000 ft) a.s.l., spread out in multiple directions, and then drifted 370 km SW.

++++ KICK ‘EM JENNY – GRENADA – 2015-07-23 ++++

The UWI Seismic Research Centre reported that seismic activity at Kick ’em Jenny had increased on 11 July. Another increase occurred on 23 July from 0125 to 0300, characterized by a “strong continuous signal.” More than 400 micro and small earthquakes had been recorded since 11 July; the largest event was M 3.3. The Alert Level was raised to Orange (the second highest level on a 5-color scale) on 23 July. At about 02:00 on 24 July an hour-long explosion signal was recorded.

++++ KARANGETANG – INDONESIA – 2015-07-22to29 ++++

PVMBG reported that white plumes rose above the Main Crater and above Crater II during 22-29 July. Incandescence from the lava dome was observed at night. Incandescent avalanches from the fronts of 150-m-long lava flows traveled as far as 2.5 km E down the Batuawang and Kahetang drainages. Seismicity was dominated by tremor and signals characteristic of avalanches, with rare volcanic earthquakes. The Alert Level remained at 3 (on a scale of 1-4).

++++ SAKURAJIMA – JAPAN – 2015-07-16 ++++

JMA reported five explosions during 13-21 July from Showa Crater and a small-scale eruption occurred from Minami-Dake Crater on 16 July. The Alert Level remained at 3 (on a 5-level scale).

++++ GAMALAMA – INDONESIA – 2015-07-16 ++++

BNPB reported that a phreatic explosion at Gamalama on 16 July generated a gray-and-white plume that rose as high as 1.5 km above the crater and drifted N. The Alert Level remained at 2 (on a scale of 1-4); The Sultan Babullah International airport in Ternate was closed on 18 July. Several explosions during 18-19 July. There were 1,505 people (450 families) displaced by the eruption. Ash deposits were 1.5-6 mm thick in northwestern villages.

++++ CHIRINKOTAN – KURIL ISL (RUSSIA) – 2015-07-21 ++++

Based on satellite image an eruption at Chirinkotan on 21 July was reported by VAAC Tokyo. SVERT reported that on 22 July a thermal anomaly over Chirinkotan was detected in satellite images as well as steam-and-gas emissions. The Aviation Color Code was raised to Yellow.

++++ COLIMA – MEXICO – 2015-07-07 ++++

In a 7 July bulletin, the UEPC Colima reported that during the previous week explosions from a fast-growing lava dome at Colima caused unusual strong eruptions, with pyroclastic flows up to 9 km length and luminous lava flows visible at night. Villages in the 12 km zone were evacuated. Finally the lava dome overgrew the crater walls and incandescent material fell down the slopes, causing pyroclastic flows. This violent activity changed the morphology of the top part distinctly.

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