On this page we will make an attempt to collect links to the studies, articles-in-journals, reports, stories (generally: papers) that were mentioned in our comments. Also, on our Twitter feed (https://twitter.com/volcanohotspot) we get notified of many new papers as they are published. Maybe it helps some of you who are interested in reading up more in-depth. It would be too bad if all were lost for us in the labyrinth of the internet.

Not too sure of the best way to sort them all – alphabetically is not an option here. Let’s try to group them thematically in KEY GROUPs, each on a new page; sorted within a group by Publishing DATE (most recent on top). Some papers may appear in more than one key group.


· Research on certain Volcanoes

· Volcanology/Volc. Seismology

· Volcanic structure/Geology/Petrology

· History / Explorers

· Research – Historic Events / Myths

If some of the papers are paywalled, there are two ways you can (possibly) find them anyway:
1. go to http://sci-hub.cc/ and copy/paste the complete doi (identification) number into the box provided. This is an illegal service and you are free to not use it, but it does find you most everything you are looking for.
2. install the browser extension “Unpaywall” from http://unpaywall.org/ This is legal, but a completely new service (spring 2017) and has yet to become widely known and used by authors. It finds you open-access versions of paywalled research papers, instantly on the paper’s page. Look out for the green (yellow, grey) lock icon on the right side of the page.