Earthquakes & Co.


Sometimes we want to know a bit more about Earthquakes – why they do they happen where they happen, and how? is a great source about everything seismology, but we will post more interesting links here as we find them.

  • Earthquake Simulator
    What Happened to the Richter Scale? Scientists have developed far-more sensitive seismometers that, with faster computers, have enabled them to record & interpret a broader spectrum of seismic signals than was possible in the 1930’s, when the Richter magnitude was developed. The moment magnitude uses seismograms plus what physically occurs during an earthquake, known as the “seismic moment”. Moment Magnitude Explained (by



  • Focal Mechanisms ecplained
    Understanding the “beach-ball” solutions of earthquake focal mechanisms is not always easy. This video helped me, but it is going too fast for me. I had to stop-&-go all the time to let image and narration sink in before looking at the next slide. Video by IRIS: